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The METAGOLF App adds a competitive aspect to playing golf at your golf course. Players may play against their previous score or against a player of their choice. Set up mini-tournaments of four players or employ the App in your league play program. Assigning just one evening per month to METAGOLF is enough to generate enthusiasm for tee times for head-to-head competition at your course.
Register your course and we will map your GPS co-ordinates hole by hole. Your course will then appear on our list of GPS-ready courses available for leaderboard competition for METAGOLF’s year-end tournament.
In the App, select from our list of METAGOLF’s GPS-ready courses or suggest our game to your home course. Only GPS-ready courses for your geographical area are listed. Download The App for access to the list.
The top 16 golfers on the METAGOLF Leaderboard will be eligible to compete in the 2024 round robin semi-finals. From there, the top 4 golfers play head-to-head in the year-end tournament finals for cash and other prizes. Exact time and date for finals TBD. Do you expect to qualify? Reserve time in your calendar for the latter part of August.
For self-starters and go-getters. Are you a competitive golfer who likes working in sales? Or are you someone who enjoys working in sales so long as your work doesn't interfere with your golf? Perhaps you are a golfer in search of a career where you can be a self-starter and a go-getter. Learn More
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Let us install your GPS co-ordinates in our App database for golfers to access.
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